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See how Servcorp compares with a traditional office and other executive suite providers:

Traditional officeTypical serviced officeServcorp
Security deposit10-12 months rent2 months rent1 month rent
Minimum contract24 months2-3 months1 month
Property typeChoice of A, B, C, D or lessMix of A, B, C, D or lessA Grade and higher
Interior fit-out styleUp to you to style and furnish fit-outMix of styles. Supplier usually purchases workspaces from other providers and maintains the same fit-out or furnishes with basic furniture5-star fit-out, with granite, marble, leather and original artwork
Unbranded environment

Locations have supplier branding and logo clearly visible within the reception area, and most often behind the reception desk

All locations are free of Servcorp signage

Cost inclusive of rent, furniture, IT infrastructure, office management fee

Price includes rent and furniture only

Prices include high-quality furniture, multi-million dollar fit-out, and IT infrastructure

Fast initial set-up 

On your own

No guarantee as you are left to setup on your own

Working productively in your fully functioning new office by the next day

Office management

Often only one team member on each floor who must manage the mail, answer the phones, and greet guests all at once. Manager typically spread across several locations, and sales team is separate

Locations have an office manager, PA, secretary and receptionist, and you deal directly with the person in charge *. Dedicated team members manage your mail and couriers

Team support

Recruit and manage your own, must pay for all their time

Unlikely to be available to help, inconsistent standard of training and skills

Well-trained team members available to support your business on a pay-as-you-go basis

Telecoms system

None provided, you need to organise this yourself

None, or basic telephone handset

USD 100 m global IP telephony platform enables cost-effective local, national and international calls, plus a range of value-added features:

- Onefone^: make and receive calls anywhere through your Servcorp business number from your smartphone

- Automatic call diversion based on your instructions

- Find-Me-Follow-Me feature: never miss a call

Prompt telecoms set-up

Can take weeks

Typically several days

Your number is available immediately, with full set up and online management

Local telephone answering service

No guarantee that your calls will be answered by a local receptionist. Most outsource to external companies based offshore

Your local receptionist answers your calls according to your exact script and transfers calls as instructed

Free phone calls to all numbers

Free phone calls only to local and national landlines

Free phone calls to landline and mobiles worldwide up to your connection fee; dedicated telephony platform enables free calls within the Servcorp network 

Internet connection

On your own

Tier 2 and 3 connection usually shared across many clients, buildings or locations

Dedicated Tier 1 bandwidth, 99.99% uptime guaranteed with 1 to 1 contention ratio, the fastest and most reliable business broadband and Wi-Fi

24/7 In-house IT support

Daily support available at a cost from outsourced third party

In-house bilingual IT team - over 100 specialists - available 24/7 when you dial *1

Online management and booking system

In person or by email/telephone

Basic access to account information. Request bookings manually and wait for a response and confirmation via email / phone, can take up to 24 hours to receive a response

Change your telephone answering settings, book meeting rooms and view invoices online in real-time. Book meeting rooms, offices and resources in real-time across our 150 locations 

Easy access to global offices & meeting room network

Location networks small and/or with inconsistent standards.  Bookings and account set-up must be conducted separately for each location

Immediate access to over 150+ A-Grade locations worldwide, with the same fit out.  Instant online booking of resources across all locations

Networking opportunities

On your own

Nothing organised

Regular events for you to interact with other clients to expand your network

*A standard of 3 Servcorp team members per location, dependent on size.  Large locations can have well over 4 team members and small locations have at least 2 team members. 

^Currently available in Australia, United States and Japan

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