Why you should have an office in Chengdu and Hangzhou

Jan 2015 | Servcorp

Did you know that Forbes magazine listed Chengdu as the fastest growing city in the world? With abundance natural resources, agreeable climate, and a huge and more importantly, well-educated labor force (Chengdu is home to some of the best universities in China), Chengdu has become a magnet for domestic and foreign companies looking to expand their business bases in China.

And did you know that Hangzhou was ranked by the World Bank as the best city in China with excellent overall investment environment for five consecutive years? And that Forbes magazine, also for five consecutive year, listed Hangzhou as the top commercial city in China? It is no wonder that Chinese household name tech magnate Alibaba chose Hangzhou as it's headquarter and look what it has accomplished. Hint, rhymes with largest IPO in the world.

If expanding to Chengdu and/or Hangzhou is part of your business plan for 2015, we have got great news for you. Expand with Servcorp, your trusted office solutions partner, for free. If you are a serviced office client, you many benefits with choosing Servcorp include a 2 months virtual office trial to test the market in a new city such as Chengdu or Hangzhou. And if you are a virtual office client, simply upgrade to a global virtual office solution and your second city location is absolutely free.

Servcorp operates three fantastic location in the premiere CBD of Chengdu and Hangzhou. Jiahua International in Hangzhou hosts some of the most well-known fortune 500 companies in the world such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, VMware and many more. The Sangri-la building in Chengdu is one of the most iconic landmark buildings in the city and One Aerospace is nestled in the heart of the commercial strait of Chengdu. All three locations are fully equipped with world class IT infrastructure and professional team to help you grow your business.

Why wait? Talk to your Servcorp manager today about how you can expand to Hangzhou or Chengdu or both for free!