Gifting and Glamour: Christmas Partying the Servcorp Way

Jan 2015 | Servcorp

It was that time of year again for Servcorp: the charity fundraiser Christmas party. A significant part of Servcorp's philosophy of giving back to the community, the annual Christmas party, now a global Servcorp tradition, has for the past 35 years enabled the company to raise generously for various charity efforts on a global scale. This year was no different. Driven by Virtual Office signup, an office solution that provides everything- address, phone answering, and secretarial service- but the physical office, and in conjunction with various generous clients and partners, all worked together to raise money for the Renewal Center initiative in Shanghai, and the T-Village in Beijing. The efforts paid off: the events managed to raise an impressive 34,000 RMB* in Shanghai, and 46,000RMB in Beijing.

This year's party had a ‘Hollywood Glamour' theme. Much fun was had with the Shanghai branch dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, and the Beijing team as Audrey Hepburn. The scene was set with old black and white movie posters, celebrity cutouts, Michael Jackson impersonators, smooth jazz musicians, and a photo booth to capture favorite moments. Enjoying free flow champagne and canapés, raffles throughout the night saw lucky winners walk away with an array of prizes, including a free night stay in a deluxe suite donated by the exclusive Rosewood hotel in Beijing, numerous dining vouchers amounting to 15,000 RMB donated by the popular Urban Thai restaurant in Shanghai, and even two iPhone 6s! Adding to the fund raising effort was also the highly generous outright donation of 5,000 Australian Dollars from Servcorp's magnanimous CEO, Alf Moufarriage.

Thanks to this year's event, Servcorp will be able to continue its support of the Renewal Center (, an initiative that helps to provide shelter and career training services to those rendered homeless in Shanghai. And this year, with the board of directors behind Renewal Center pledging to match every RMB raised, the charity will actually be receiving over 68,000 RMB to put toward their brand new women's shelter providing sanctuary to homeless women in Shanghai. In addition, the 46,000 RMB raised in Beijing will enable Servcorp to continue its support of T-Village, a grass roots charity that strives to help poverty-stricken children in Tibet and Sichuan, who often lack basic winter clothing or access to heat. With the funds raised, they will be able to help more children stay warm this winter. As Senior Manager Michaela Julian puts it: “Christmas is a time of giving and there is no better way to ‘give' than to change the lives of those who are less fortunate.”

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