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Checklist for starting a business

Jan 2014 | Servcorp

Financing your business

Raise the capital you need to get your business off to a flying start by finding out if you are eligible for grants or financial assistance from the government. There are currently several initiatives for helping new businesses. If you don't qualify for any, however, banks loans are another possibility.

Finding mentors

A mentor can help guide you through the early days and provide invaluable advice. Get in touch with your nearest government-funded small business advisor for help or approach family, friends or businesspeople you admire. That said, only work with someone who has experience mentoring.

Choosing office space

Your business may start its life in your spare bedroom, but once you start to expand a proper office space becomes essential. Serive office are an excellent choice for minimising costs while simultaneously offering access to a desirable address and high-quality amenities.

Checking legal requirements

It's up to you to check whether your business will meet all relevant legal requirements. Licences, registrations, contracts and leases all need to be considered, and while it's possible to negotiate these alone, you may wish to hire a legal professional to help.

Protecting your IP

Protecting your intellectual property could be extremely important for your business, as creating a property doesn't mean you automatically own the rights. However, you can protect your designs, patents and trademarks under IP legislation.

Taking out insurance

There are three basic types of insurance you might need to keep your business covered. Don't start a new business without first understanding liabilities, assets and income insurance options.

Selecting staff

The staff you choose to take on in the early days of your business will have a massive impact on its future accomplishments. Enthusiasm and dedication are two attributes you should be on the lookout for.

Know that your business will have the facilities it needs right from the get-go with serviced or virtual office from Servcorp. Call on 4006 560 166 to find out how their offices can give your business the best possible start.

Written by Marcus Moufarrige