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Why you need Google+

July 2013 | Servcorp

A new year brings new changes to Google's algorithm. What does this mean for your business? You need to become familiar with these changes and set yourself targets to implement within your online strategy. Granted, time poor individuals and organisations will find this challenging, however failure to do this could see your web site plummet down the search results and in turn, impact your bottom line.

Embrace Social

Increase your social sharing and your ranking will climb. Add these points to your 'to do list':

  • Set up your Google+ page. It won't take too long, simply get started by filling the page with relevant information and images.Encourage your employees, friends and family to give it a '+1'; and you're on your way. For inspiration visit the Servcorp Google+ page.
  • Keep on Tweeting. Update, update, update your Twitter feed with relevant information including links to your web site / blog / other social pages
  • Add Social sharing buttons to your web site and ads running with Google Adwords. Make it easy for people to share your content and Google with thank you

Engage Socially

It's not enough to work solely on boosting traffic with clever tactics; Google also wants to see you "give something back to the 'online ecosystem'.

  • Get involved in online discussions via forums, message boards, and comment on articles. Caution: Don't be 'spammy' or just throw up a link to your web site, you need to engage - be real, be human.
  • Create original content. Google loves new and original content, so get writing on your topic/s of expertise. The more the article is shared, the higher the rankings.
  • Don't get overwhelmed with Google+ and social sharing, tackle each area one at a time, integrate it into your weekly schedule and reap the rewards.

Don't Have the Time or 'Knowhow'?

Not to worry! Your Servcorp PA is trained to set this up and can even manage it ongoing for you. Contact your local Servcorp PA or Manager for details.