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Jun 2013 | Marcus Moufarrige - COO of Servcorp

If you're looking to expand your company's reach into another city or country, or want to look more credible generally, making use of a virtual office can help you get ahead.

Virtual offices have a number of benefits for companies of all sizes including a one-man outfit or a medium sized company.

Be connected

Having a local number that's answered with a local accent can be a great first step to getting business in a new city. For a fraction of the price of opening a new office and hiring staff, you can have your own real receptionist who can then direct your calls to wherever you are in the world, or professionally take a message.

Be local

As well as having a phone number in a city you're targeting for business, it can also be beneficial to have a local postal address. Big businesses flock to the CBD, so to show your intentions, that's where you should be too. It doesn't matter if you're looking to set up a virtual office in Melbourne, Sydney or any other major city - it pays to sit amongst the best. Not only can you use the address of a virtual office for your mail, you can also book meeting rooms when the need arises.

Be big

There are times when you may need to stretch your company's finances as you look to grow, but by making use of a virtual office you can get all the perks of a permanent address with much lower costs. If you're looking to take your home start up to the next level, your local business nationwide or your national company overseas, using virtual offices from Servcorp will help you spread far more quickly and affordably than getting your own office space.

Be cost savvy

The main benefit of using a virtual office for your company is the value for money. There are different ways to get all of the services mentioned above, but none with such high quality or that are as cost effective as a virtual office.