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Thanks to you-The forest Grows!

Oct 2013 | Servcorp

The Green Office Project continues at Servcorp and we thought you might like an update of how our forest of trees is growing...

We plant a tree for every Virtual Office setup via our website. Virtual Offices, which are inherently environmentally friendly, continue to be a driving force behind the Green Offices Project.

Since 2007 Servcorp has planted more than 25,000 trees and the ‘Servcorp Forest' already covers more than 100,000 square metres of regional land.

Not only do these forests absorb greenhouse gas emissions, they rejuvenate local wildlife. In Log Bridge Tumut NSW a high amount of bird activity has returned to the site; species currently observed inc. Yellow Rumped Thornbills, Fairy Wrens, Lorikeets and a pair of Wedge Tail Eagles. Thank you for your contribution!