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Servcorp introduces the Alipay online payment function

July 2013 | Servcorp

Servcorp, a world-leading provider of Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices, announced that it will introduce the Alipay online payment function from July 6 to provide more a convenient service for the Chinese customers.

Now, Chinese customers can use their existing Alipay account to complete online to complete the online payment timely and efficiently. Previously, Servcorp only accepted online credit card payments provided by China's large State-owned banks.

“Servcorp prides itself as being on the cusp of IT advancement and as part of our total business solution, we see Alipay an absolute necessity in China. We are excited to now offer our Virtual Office customers the option to sign up online on our website www.servcorp.com.cn by using their secure Alipay account,” said Michaela Julian, Senior Manager at Servcorp China.

As China's largest third-party payment platform, Alipay has won the favor of numerous customers because it can help complete payments in a safe, fast and simple manner. According to statistics released by Analysys, with 46.6 percent of the market share, Alipay secured first place in the Chinese Internet-based third-party payment market in 2012.

Servcorp's IT team spent nearly three months adding the Alipay function to its global payment system. This not only helped the company realize the one-stop service, but it also can guarantee the safety of clients' accounts because Alipay will transfer the funds only after having ensured the rights and obligations of both parties. Compared with the traditional methods of payment in this sector, it is absolutely more advanced, acting as a pioneer in this industry.

“Alipay allows our Chinese customers not only the comfort of enjoying virtual services in China, but they can also easily sign up for a Virtual office in Paris, London or Sydney,” added Ms. Julian.

The upgrade of payment system represents a specific measure it adopted in promoting the implementation of a localization strategy in the overseas market since Servcorp won the prize of “Australian Export Award 2012”.