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Find me-follow me, the best solution for your business

Feb 2013 | Servcorp

Servcorp's premium call routing service, Find Me Follow Me, gives entrepreneurs and small businesses access to the hottest trend in telephony: getting an advanced, round-the-clock professional service at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.

Through Find Me Follow Me you can forward your calls to any numbers specified, including mobiles and landlines. You also have the option of a live receptionist answering your call, with a personalised business message. Calls can also be forwarded simultaneously or sequentially, and if they don't reach any of your numbers, they will be taken to voicemail.

Servcorp COO Marcus Moufarrige says call routing is a vital service for busy professionals who can't risk missing an important call while they are in a meeting or travelling:

"It's all about the call: with email volumes now so high, messages get lost, and a telephone call is increasingly seen as the most immediate and effective way to make contact. It's no wonder that the global unified communications market is set to reach $14.5 billion by 2015, according to Forrester," Mr Moufarrige says.

"Losing calls means losing business. But the good news is that thanks to advanced technology such as Servcorp's Find Me Follow Me call routing, you can now receive every call, wherever and however you like, in a professional yet highly cost effective way."

With the current trend for businesses to use virtual reception services, Find Me Follow Me has been developed as a best-of-breed option for entrepreneurs and businesses that need a truly premium yet affordable service.Servcorp's technology platform means that there can be no mistakes: messages will never go amiss. Hiring and training a receptionist to do all this for you could cost $35,000 per year if not more.

Find Me Follow Me is available for both Virtual Office and Serviced Office clients. You can choose between "Intercept" - where your call is answered by a live receptionist, before being transferred to the destination of your choice, or "Direct Diversion", where it is immediately forwarded on to you. Serviced Office clients can also enable or disable Find Me Follow me through their Cisco handset.

Find Me Follow Me is just one of the many ways in which Servcorp is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and get access to big business infrastructure at minimal cost.

"Our Cloud-based technology gives businesses access to infrastructure that even five years ago only large organisations would have dreamed of having access to. This enables them to be extremely disruptive, as capital costs, rent and human costs are the biggest deterrents to small businesses succeeding," Mr Moufarrige says.

"If you can reduce these costs and still service your clients and market through a service such as Servcorp's Find Me Follow Me call routing, then your chances of success are greatly increased. Add this to the fact that many larger organisations have already invested in rent and infrastructure, and it presents a great opportunity for small businesses to compete against the big guys."