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Elegant Beauty – interview with Elaine Wu – Servcorp Beijing Region Manager

Mar 2013 | Beijing Essential

When speaking of Elaine Wu, it is necessary to start from her star sign: Pisces. In the world of the Zodiac, Pisces has been described as "a gentle personality, easy to get along with, and possessing a compelling and curious charm." When you get close to Elaine, you will get a true feeling of this appropriate description. Her elegant manner, soft and gentle way of talking, beautiful appearance and professional style are instantly attractive, and inspire strong feelings of admiration.

When talking with Elaine, you will find that chatting with her is a very enjoyable thing. Elaine is the Region Manager of Servcorp Beijing. Servcorp is an Australian listed company that provides serviced and virtual office services. Elaine's daily working life is busy, and she has shown great executive capability in company management.

Elaine Wu was born in Inner Mongolia and lived there until she was twelve. She then moved to Tianjin with her parents, and later emigrated to Australia with them at the age of seventeen. Now, in addition to Chinese New Year Festivals, she hardly sees her parents. Her life has been full of relocations, and she says, "I have a feeling that I'm home today and gone tomorrow."

Speaking of her life and studies in Australia, Elaine thinks that empowerment in university is the most beneficial. Since she could arrange her own weekly schedule during that time, she chose to cram all her week's courses into two days; the rest of the time she worked part-time. Most of the jobs she had were sales-related, such as retail and jewellery. It was those experiences that prepared her for her later job.

Elaine graduated from university in 2006, and when facing the question of her future occupation, she felt slightly lost. Then an overseas student from Shenzhen recommended that she go to Beijing to find a job, as a 5-star hotel was recruiting staff. Hearing this, Elaine was very hesitant at first, but finally decided to have a try after a discussion with her family. She never expected to stay in the city for six years.

Since her major is in enterprise management and was interested in tourism and hotel management, it was her ideal job. With her efforts and dedication, as well as the experiences that she accumulated in university, she quickly progressed from sales assistant to sales manager. She then moved to another 5-star hotel to work as sales manager, but in order to find better personal development, she eventually decided to leave. The next stop on her platform of development was Servcorp.

As the manager of Servcorp in China Central Place, Elaine not only heads up the main sales work of the company, but is also responsible for the training of the team and client management. Looking back on her sales works over the past few years, she says that she has her own unique understanding of the job. "Everyone in this world is a sales person. What's different is that we are all selling a different product. When selling, your attitude can be ambitious, but you must be humble."

As a global serviced office and virtual office provider, Servcorp has advanced ideas and ways of management, and Elaine is proud to work there. Servcorp's business is split between offering fully serviced workspaces, and setting up virtual offices online. Virtual offices are one of Servcorp's most creative advanced ideas. It means that when you set up a company, you can enjoy all the office conditions and facilities without a physical workspace. It can provide you an office address in the CBD, as well as an appointed meeting room, an exclusive phone number and telephone service, global IT network, and an online management to conduct affairs. For the development of the company, you need to have a venue, but if you don't have enough money to lease it, then a serviced office is your best choice.

Under Elaine's leadership, the performance of the company in China Central Place has increased several times in just a year. She attributes this excellent achievement to the close relationships within her team. She pays a lot of attention to team training, and transfers the following idea to her staff, "I want you to know that you are doing the job for yourself, not your boss. As long as you do the job perfectly, there is no more important or more valuable mission. Success or failure all depends on the details, but not great achievements." With this in mind, Elaine has become a great success.

She is gentle and casual both in life and work. She never makes excessive demands. In her opinion, disadvantage is a blessing that can be a source of strength. When she's not busy at work, she likes to stay at home with her family. This is typical of Elaine Wu, who is full of unique charm.